10 Sep 2013

Apologies but we have had to cancel Scouts this week until further notice due to personal circumstances. Tom has recently undergone an operation and Paul is unavailable due to other personal circumstances.
Please can I take this opportunity to remind parents that we are in desperate need of adult support to avoid such situations.

4 Jun 2013

Scouts is cancelled today (Tuesday 4th June) due to the lack of assistance offered from parents. Due to work commitments, only one leadder is available for this session and we cannot run the group with just one leader.
We need parent help for the next two weeks, otherwise these sessions will also be cancelled. Please let us know asap if you can help.

3 Jan 2012

The annual area camp has been organised for the dates of February 17th to the 19th at Gladstone Scout center.
We are hoping to attend, so please keep this date free. More details to follow soon.

31 Jan 2012

Unfortunately both Paul and Tom are working on 7th Feb and so there will not be a session.
Our next meeting (unless you are attending Frost camp) will be Feb 21st

3 Jan 2012

1st Meeting back after Christmas, usual meeting time of 7:00pm till 8:30pm

9 Nov 2011

Please meet us at Hanmer Church at 10:15am on Sunday 13th November for this years Remembrance day service.
Scouts should be in full uniform with smart shoes and trousers.

19 Oct 2011

We can confirm that we shall be camping at Coxwood camp site. The site offers excellent facilitaes and will make for a great first camp.
We ARE camping from 17:00pm on Friday 28th October, to 4:30pm on Saturday 29th.

19 Oct 2011

Unfortunately due to lack of uptake from the Scouts, we are postponing this event to a date when we can get a bigger attendance.
This will be the ride that completes the requirements for the cycle badge.

4 Oct 2011

In this session we shall be working ont he plans for the camp. This will include creating kit lists, rotas, menus etc

28 Sep 2011

In preparation for our upcoming bike ride, the scouts will need to bring their own bikes in so that we can check that they are being maintained well and to also show them how to maintain them.
We shall also be doing some map work to plan the route for the ride.