13 Sep 2011

We are visiting Coxwood where the Scouts will do some  shooting. This is the site where we plan to camp, so its a great chance to famailiarise the Scouts with the site and its location.

13 Sep 2011

This session is preparation for our next camp, the scouts will practice erecting tents of different types. Good camping practice will be discussed.

13 Sep 2011

This session will see the Scouts create camp fires and camp gadgets.

13 Sep 2011

Last meeting of this term. We shall take a short bike ride (so please bring bikes). This will be a test ride to ensure all Scouts act responsibly whilst riding on the roads.

16 Apr 2011

For the most recent dodgeball information, please visit http://1sthanmer.ukscouts.org.uk/dodgeball
I am in the process of organising a dodgeball tournament for the Scouts.  The tournament will raise money for Scouts and the British heart Foundation, as well as give the Scouts some extra equipment (3 dodgeballs!).
Each scout will have to form a team of 6 people by getting friends from school or locally.  The event will not only serve as a fundraiser, but as a scouting open day to encourage new scouts.

11 Apr 2011

We are now collecting Sainburys Active kids vouchers.  All vouchers need to be with us by the 5th July 2011.
Active kids vouchers give our Scout and Cub group a great opportunity to get some much needed equipment.  The range of equipment available is huge and every voucher will help.
Please collect as many as you can from friends and family!

8 Jun 2011

We shall be visiting Hawkstone park on Saturday June 25th, at a cost of £3 per Scout.
Archery will also be possible at an additional cost of £5 for 1 hour per Scout. This will have to be booked in advance, so please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to do archery.
If you require transport, please let us know and we can arrange pick-up and drop off from the Scout hut.

14 Jun 2011

The Scouts AGM is to be held on June 23rd @ 7:00pm.
Everyone is welcome to attend and indeed everyone is encouraged to attend.

8 Feb 2011

Scouts meet every term time Tuesday from 7:00pm until 8:30pm

8 Feb 2011

Cubs meet from 7:00pm to 8:30pm every term time Monday