19 Oct 2011

We can confirm that we shall be camping at Coxwood camp site. The site offers excellent facilitaes and will make for a great first camp.
We ARE camping from 17:00pm on Friday 28th October, to 4:30pm on Saturday 29th.

19 Oct 2011

Unfortunately due to lack of uptake from the Scouts, we are postponing this event to a date when we can get a bigger attendance.
This will be the ride that completes the requirements for the cycle badge.

4 Oct 2011

In this session we shall be working ont he plans for the camp. This will include creating kit lists, rotas, menus etc

28 Sep 2011

In preparation for our upcoming bike ride, the scouts will need to bring their own bikes in so that we can check that they are being maintained well and to also show them how to maintain them.
We shall also be doing some map work to plan the route for the ride.

13 Sep 2011

We are visiting Coxwood where the Scouts will do some  shooting. This is the site where we plan to camp, so its a great chance to famailiarise the Scouts with the site and its location.

13 Sep 2011

This session is preparation for our next camp, the scouts will practice erecting tents of different types. Good camping practice will be discussed.

19 Sep 2011

Dear Scouts and parents
Welcome back to a new term in 1st Hanmer Scout Troop. We first met last week with 4 new members and are hoping to build on this is the coming months as we work towards our first camp, which will be for a single night on Friday 29th October, we are awaiting final confirmation of the location. More information will follow soon.
Our programme will be based on working towards our camp, putting up tents, camp fires and camp gadgets etc but we will also be working towards …

13 Sep 2011

This session will see the Scouts create camp fires and camp gadgets.

13 Sep 2011

Last meeting of this term. We shall take a short bike ride (so please bring bikes). This will be a test ride to ensure all Scouts act responsibly whilst riding on the roads.

16 Apr 2011

For the most recent dodgeball information, please visit
I am in the process of organising a dodgeball tournament for the Scouts.  The tournament will raise money for Scouts and the British heart Foundation, as well as give the Scouts some extra equipment (3 dodgeballs!).
Each scout will have to form a team of 6 people by getting friends from school or locally.  The event will not only serve as a fundraiser, but as a scouting open day to encourage new scouts.