11 Apr 2011

We are now collecting Sainburys Active kids vouchers.  All vouchers need to be with us by the 5th July 2011.
Active kids vouchers give our Scout and Cub group a great opportunity to get some much needed equipment.  The range of equipment available is huge and every voucher will help.
Please collect as many as you can from friends and family!

8 Jun 2011

We shall be visiting Hawkstone park on Saturday June 25th, at a cost of £3 per Scout.
Archery will also be possible at an additional cost of £5 for 1 hour per Scout. This will have to be booked in advance, so please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to do archery.
If you require transport, please let us know and we can arrange pick-up and drop off from the Scout hut.

14 Jun 2011

The Scouts AGM is to be held on June 23rd @ 7:00pm.
Everyone is welcome to attend and indeed everyone is encouraged to attend.

8 Feb 2011

Scouts meet every term time Tuesday from 7:00pm until 8:30pm

8 Feb 2011

Cubs meet from 7:00pm to 8:30pm every term time Monday

8 Apr 2011

Please help the cubs and scouts dig the grounds at the scout hut.  Any help at any time on May 2nd would be welcomed, we will provide a BBQ and shall be there between 10am and 5pm.  Bring a fork if you can! (for digging not eating!!)

17 Apr 2011

Please save and collect as many Tesco/Sainsburys  Club/Active Kids vouchers as you can!  The deadline for getting them to a Cub/Scout leader is June 28th – sooner is better!

Current total as of 17/4/11
Tesco vouchers: 219
Sainsburys vouchers: 95
Tesco catalogue of items:
Sainsburys catalogue:

8 Apr 2011

We break up for Easter next week.  However we are having a day int he holidays sorting outt he rear grounds so that the Cubs and Scouts can make use oft hem during these longer lighter days.  Please pop along for any period of time possible on May 2nd to help dig the grounds.  We are hoping to have a nice barbeque to feed the troops!  parents and children welcome to help.

8 Apr 2011

Welcome to the new 1st Hanmer Scout website.  This site will aim to act as a point of contact and reference for all current and prospective scouts.
Please make regular checks on this site for new events, updates and photos.
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