The first knots our Scouts learn are the clove Hitch and the Reef Knot. The clove hitch is the start of many a strong lashing, including the much used square lashing.

Clove Hitch

Video and pics coming soon

Slippery Evenk, or Siberian hitch

The Evenk hitch (slippery version) is used favourabvy as the first knot for tying a tarp to a tree. By using the slippery version a camp can be packed up with ease.

Video and pics coming soon

Taut Tarp hitch – slippery

The taut tarp hitch is a very satisfying know to tie. This knot is used as the second knot when tying a tarp. When used correctly, the tarp ridge line can be strung, tensioned and then tied without loosing the tension. By making this a slippery knot, you can take it down with ease.

Adjustable loop

Used for guy lines, this knot makes a quick and useful sliding knot that locks under tension

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